By Mykela

Queen Zash’hura Nell Shim Hoth Ur’sa Hunter


Zash’hura lived in Daliium as a young girl.  She doesn’t remember her father and her mother told her that her father died in a hunting accident.  Zash’hura never knew if it was a hunting accident, or if her father abandoned her and her mother, but what she did know was that her mother begged for food and clothes for both of them and the kingdom children laughed at her.  She hated the children laughing at her, and wearing rags, so she cried herself to sleep many nights.  She just wanted to have some friends.

Raalian wanted to be friends with Zashhura also, but Raalian’s mother didn’t want Raalian hanging around with the street urchin.

When Zashhura was three, Ba’kaarcia invited Zashhura to her citadel and she named her.  Many people immediately suspected Zash’hura was a witch and then when Zash’hura was four and found her raven, the people knew for sure.

Raalian’s mother really didn’t want Raalian playing with Zash’hura once she saw the raven either and used the broken doll incident to put a wedge between the girls.

During the competition of the kingdom girls for Prince Sraal Dunhurst, several girls in the competition were suspected of being a witch, and afterwards when Nar’liin won Zash’hura moved out of Daliium.  At that point, Raalian’s mother, also got her family out of Daliium.  She reasoned with her husband that Zash’hura would have wrath against the kingdom since she didn’t win Prince Sraal, and that she might target Raalian since Raalian had befriended her, plus it seemed to her that the kingdom was teeming with witches, and before the story starts, Queen Zash’hura’s wrath does pour down on Daliium.

With the death of Ba’kaarcia, Zash’hura names herself Queen of the black witches and she has the power to go with that title.

By the time the story starts, rumors of her death have even faded, but her rumored death was part of Queen Zash’hura’s long term plans.

In the start of the story, the allies’ crops are being burned, but the allies don’t know if it is King Bellnor, since Queen Zash’hura is ‘dead’, or if it is King Galvinar.  While the allies are trying to discern which enemy, Ve’laaria attacks with some dragoncreatures.  You learn the dragoncreatures were part of the plan when Queen Mi’atsha is eavesdropping on a conversation between Queen Zash’hura and Queen Ve’laaria.

As the allies are learning of Queen Zash’hura being alive and learning of her plans, Queen Zash’hura is learning that Guinevere has returned and Guinevere is starting to disrupt her plans.

Queen Zash’hura wants to kill Guinevere and plans a trap for her in book two.  The trap fails, so Queen Zash’hura goes to plan two, which is a duel.  Queen Zash’hura lets Queen Ve’laaria say she’s the highest, so Queen Zash’hura can watch Guinevere and learn her magic.  In that way, Queen Zash’hura can find a weakness and kill Guinevere once and for all.

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