By Mykela



Opal is Lola’s hatchling. She is a pure white female dragon with an iridescent shine. The story doesn’t mention most of the hatchlings too many times, but Lola’s dragon is constantly advising her. Once Lola gets her guardian, Opal still advises her more and encourages Lola to talk to Mi’atsha.

Mi’atsha accuses Opal of not having patience, because Opal sends Lola to Mi’atsha. Opal tells Lola that if Mi’atsha gives her an assignment then Mi’atsha is taking her as a student. Mi’atsha is frustrated because Opal’s impatience scrambles her list of order of obtaining students, but she does take Lola as a student.

Later in the story, Opal warns Lola that she doesn’t have enough experience to ‘appease’ Dallia.

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