By Mykela

Uncle Farmer


Uncle Farmer is Mister Farmer to many people in the story, but the story refers to Mi’atsha’s father as Mister Farmer and Uncle Farmer is Mi’atsha’s uncle.

Uncle Farmer was a young boy when an accident on the farm took part of his lower leg. He was around ten or elven years old. When the Farmers brought him to the doctor in the kingdom, the blacksmith asked to keep him.

The blacksmith then raised him and taught him his trade.

You meet this character in the story, after Mi’atsha’s father dies and King Dunhurst asks Uncle Farmer to take in his niece. He agrees, and Mi’atsha helps Uncle Farmer’s daughter, Lailey get ready to the contest.

Later, Mr. Farmer asks to add Javin to his house, and King Dunhurst tells him that he needs him to help make armor.

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