By Mykela

Ma’ria (Ma’rie) Cloth


Maria is the second girl chosen to be in Prince Jaarul’s contest, and she is the winner of the first contest which is weaving a blanket.  Maria’s last name is cloth therefore, her father’s trade is making cloth and items with cloth, so Maria’s winning the first contest doesn’t surprise many.

Maria quickly joins several other girls in befriending Mi’atsha and at this point it is more of Mi’atsha versus Dallia for the girls, and many of the girls don’t like Dallia or Dallia’s attitude that she is the best girl Daliium Kingdom has to offer.

During the hatching contest, Mi’atsha knows that she wants to have Maria as a student, but she knows that Maria will have to get beyond all her father’s negative comments.  These comments anger Mi’atsha for many reasons.  Savita sees Mi’atsha’s anger, and at first thinks Mi’atsha is angry because someone hatched a dragon Mi’atsha wanted for her own.

When Mi’atsha lowers her voice, she lets Savita know why she is angry, so Savita suggests to Mi’atsha to help Maria hatch a dragon.  Instead Mi’atsha assigns the task to Savita, so Savita goes over to Maria to help her.  Savita even points to a dragon egg for Maria to hatch.

Although most dragon shells are off white, white, or yellow, Maria’s dragon egg is red and black.  Savita pointed to it because those were the colors of Maria’s blanket, and Savita suggested that the dragon might look like the blanket.  Savita hopes this will get Maria’s mind on something else and hopes that helps Maria enough to hatch the baby dragon.  The dragon hatches for Maria and Maria is very happy.

Later in the story, Maria is named in the witch naming ceremony and her witch name becomes Ma’rie.

Mi’atsha later lists the specialties of several students and says that Ma’rie understands the fabric of nature.  Alli’an tries to remember all the specialties of all the girls because Alli’an realizes that everyone has a part to play, and this way Alli’an will know who to ask for help with certain tasks.  Alli’an realizes that students are not just potential witches, but that Mi’atsha has a reason to take each and every student.  Of course, it will take Ma’rie quite some time to realize the same things.

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