By Mykela

Queen Ve’laaria Zish


Ve’laaria is a black witch Queen and at the beginning of the story she is thought to have killed Queen Zash’hura, but in reality, her, and Queen Zash’hura had planned Zash’hura’s fake ‘death’, so they could get the allies to relax and their plan worked. Most of the allies believe the lie, especially since the attacks stopped.

During this time Queen Ve’laaria is experimenting with making dragon creatures. She uses magic to pervert nature, and she has to experiment several times to get a creature that can reproduce itself.

Queen Ve’laaria builds up her numbers of these creatures and in the beginning of the story, she uses them to help her carry out Queen Zash’hura’s command of destroying all the allies’ crops, so in the opening scene you see them.

Mi’atsha uses her magic to protect the crops, but she doesn’t want to reveal herself to her enemies, so she doesn’t fight the creatures yet.

Queen Ve’laaria is quite proud of herself.

Later in the story Queen Ve’laaria has to try to out do Queen Zash’hura, since Queen Zash’hura sent out minotaurs to attack her enemies and Queen Zash’hura asks Ve’laaria what she has done. Queen Ve’laaria thinks for a while and reads her spell books, until at last she decides to call Velokk out of Oblivia and send him against their enemies.

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