By Mykela

Lai'ley (Lai'lian Violete) Farmer


Lailey is Mi’atsha’s cousin and they look like siblings with their light brown straight hair.  Lailey was born with a birth defect so one of her legs is shorter than the other.  She is an only child since her mother died when she was three.

The story refers to her father as Uncle Farmer in the story because her father and Mi’atsha’s father are brothers, and even though Mi’atsha and Lailey are cousins they didn’t meet until after the story started when King Dunhurst brought Mi’atsha into the kingdom.

When Lailey first meets Mi’atsha, Mi’atsha helps her quickly alter one of Mi’atsha’s dresses for Lailey to wear to the prince’s celebration.

At the celebration, Lailey is very shy and doesn’t talk on her own to Prince Jaarul, so Prince Jaarul doesn’t choose her as a contestant.  However, later another witch visits and Allia is at Mi’atsha’s citadel, so Lailey stands in as the twelfth contestant.  At this point in the story, Mi’atsha is finding a lot of potential students and that is why she suggested to King Dunhurst to bring Lailey in.  Mi’atsha knew Lailey had witch potential and she wanted her as a student, but it would be easier for Mi’atsha to start her training if she was at the castle as a ‘contestant’.

Near the end of book one Mi’atsha has Nar’liinje hold the naming ceremony for Lailey and Lailey’s witch name is Lai’lian Violete.  Although, the teacher student relationship between Mi’atsha and Nar’liinje isn’t official it is inevitable, so this way Lailey can more discreetly be a student of Mi’atsha or a student of a student.

When it is her turn to hatch a dragon, she picks the smallest egg and it hatches for her.  The dragon is light green.

Lai’lian’s specialty is enlarging and shrinking things, which she uses to elongate her leg when she’s among only the witches.  Also, the girls go to her to learn body parts because Lai’lian learned those to help her elongate her legs and her arms when she was weaving.

In book three, Lai’lian names her dragon Lantor.

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