By Mykela



Miat is a tiny kitten.  Miat is only as active as a newborn kitten most times, but she is the size of a six-week-old kitten.  Later in the story you will learn that she was born still but had a special purpose.  Many characters wonder about that purpose, and know they should protect Miat, but until King Kurst does extensive research, only Mi’atsha knows her true purpose and why she’s so special.

The story introduces Miat when King Dunhurst is escorting Mi’atsha to Daliium Kingdom after the death of Mi’atsha’s father.  Mi’atsha carries Miat in her apron pocket and King Dunhurst briefly ponders the ten-year-old kitten that hasn’t grown at all since he first saw it on the farm ten years ago.  At this point, no one knows the extreme importance of the kitten.

The story reveals Miat’s purpose in book two.  King Kurst reads some scrolls that were the diary of King Orem Kurst to them.  Yet even after King Dunhurst and Queen Nar’liin learn of Miat’s birth and her purpose it is still too much to grasp.

Dipher, a golden dragon, has the most affinity for the little kitten, especially since he spends a lot of time in Mi’atsha’s room reading with the kitten in there.

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