By Mykela

Lias Shepherd


In the beginning of book one the story mentions the Shepherd’s sickly child, then later you learn her name is Lias when Queen Nar’liin assigns the contestants to tutors, because Allia is excited to get a tutor since she thinks that she can read to learn about a cure for her sister, Lias.

Then after the weaving contest, the story actually introduces Lias when Allia trades blankets with Mi’atsha and then gives the blanket to her sister.  Mi’atsha accompanies Allia to give the blanket and Mi’atsha assesses her sickness and volunteers to make a medicine to help Lias get better.

Later Allia realizes that the medicine is actually a potion, and she helps tend the potion for her sister, and she delivers and administers the potion.

In book two, Mi’atsha manages to bring Lias to her citadel where she can start training her to be a witch.  Lias’ witch name is Li’as.

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