By Mykela

King Raam Krenick


King Krenick is from Valrim which is the ally kingdom that is the farthest from Daliium, and King Krenick is the last king to arrive in Daliium for the kings’ meeting.  Upon arriving and hearing the conversation about Mister Farmer and Mi’atsha’s farm, he immediately starts thinking that Mi’atsha is a witch, and not long after that he starts realizing the disparity in age between Prince Jaarul and Mi’atsha.  He talks to King Dunhurst and tells him that Mi’atsha cannot be in the contest because she is too ‘old’ and that they need to consider witch age.

In book two when Mi’atsha is forming a new alliance and taking soldiers for her own, she takes Commander Pomston from King Krenick.  While many of the kings give advice to their soldiers to do their best and not let them down as they go to serve Queen Mi’atsha, this interaction does not happen between Commander Pomston and King Krenick.  Instead, King Krenick, his troops, and his people highly regard Commander Pomston and Queen Mi’atsha has to gain his respect and alliance on her own.

When King Krenick joins the pre-battle conversation, he concludes that if the baby is a female, she will be a powerful witch, and the other kings reflect on his words.

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