By Mykela

Nar’liin (Nar’liinje Volish)


Narliin grew up among the kingdom families.  She grew up in a time where the men/fathers taught their sons their trades and the women/mothers taught their daughters everything their daughters would need to know. Narliin only saw fathers spending time with their sons and mothers with their daughters and she internalized that message. Even as she moved to the castle and did not need to do all the chores her mother taught her to do, she still felt daughters needed to be with their mothers and sons with their fathers.

Her best friend was Zel’viin, who was eager for Narliin to join her in learning magic. Narliin gained the witch name Nar’liinje but she was not as confident in magic as Zel’viin and did not become as proficient at it. However, her ability in magic and her youthful charm helped her win the contests to become queen of Daliium.

The story introduces Queen Nar’liin as she is planning the celebration for her son’s, Prince Jaarul’s, twelfth birthday.  She is planning the celebration and some of the contests to follow. This is just before Daliium gets the news of their crops burning in their southern fields.

Queen Nar’liin doesn’t know how to handle Mi’atsha and she knows how overly hopeful Zel’viin is to find a coven and a teacher, so she doesn’t accept, acknowledge, or believe Mi’atsha has the power that Zel’viin is so sure of.  Mi’atsha has to reveal her powers in significant ways before Queen Nar’liin even opens her eyes to see that power.  Furthermore, Queen Nar’liin hadn’t been exposed to such power potential before and so Mi’atsha’s power will be incomprehensible to her for quite some time throughout the story.

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