By Mykela

Princess Jaaliin Dunhurst


Before the story started, Jaaliin was kidnapped by Queen Zash’hura’s forces.  At the time, Jaaliin was only seven, and a year later it was rumored that Queen Vel’aaria had betrayed and killed Queen Zash’hura, so Queen Nar’liin feels her daughter is dead too.  Queen Nar’liin hopes against hope that her daughter is not dead, and she mourns the loss every day.

In the story you first learn about Jaaliin as Mi’atsha reveals that Queen Zash’hura is not dead.  Queen Nar’liin is very hopeful that Queen Zash’hura is not dead and thus she hopes that her daughter is still alive.  As Queen Nar’liin grieves the absence of her daughter, Mi’atsha remembers why she must be wary of trust in Daliium Kingdom, and Mi’atsha knows that she must fix this situation, since Queen Nar’liin now knows of her and some of her powers.

When Mi’atsha is hatching dragons, she indicates an egg with a brown dragon witch that will betray them.  Mi’atsha shows future for the egg and then thinks that the egg will be the perfect exchange for the daughter.

The exchange is made, and the daughter is returned home, but Jaaliin had been given a poison daily along with an antidote daily, so Mi’atsha must make a potion to cure Jaaliin from this.

After Jaaliin recovers, she very much feels torn.  She wants the other three girls who were in prison with her to be rescued, and she feels guilty that she was rescued, and they weren’t.  She also feels like she lost too much of her life and is jealous of the contestants.  She also wrestles with the thought that her mother didn’t love her because her mother didn’t come to rescue her, but many witches and dragons dispute that notion.

Later in the story, she is happy the other three girls are released and are brought home.  She wants to help them, so she asks Alli’an to teach her to make the potions.  Then it is learned that she asked Zel’viina to be her teacher.  Finally, Mi’atsha is called to make the potions for the three girls and Jaaliin starts to blame herself that they weren’t rescued sooner, but Mi’atsha says she can’t blame herself.

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