By Mykela

King Galvinar


  • King of Sericton
  • Witch advisor is Ve’laaria
  • Enemy of King Dunhurst

Long ago, long before the story started there were two sons and each son had twelve sons.  The brothers of the two sons started fighting each thinking of what he should inherit.  This started all the fighting that has drifted down through time to now.

Ve’laaria helps King Galvinar fight his enemies and King Galvinar is first mentioned when Mi’atsha is fighting King Galvinar’s soldiers and his dragoncreatures.  Mi’atsha knows that the soldiers belong to King Galvinar because of the boar with a snake displayed on their armor.

While the kings are named quite often as sending soldiers against the allies, it is later learned that the black witches have a heavy hand in the events.  It is even suggested at the end of book two that the kings might not be fighting at all except for the witches because the descendants of the original twenty-four don’t remember exactly why they are fighting and are now stepping back and looking at all their losses.

At the end of book two King Galvinar decides to help King Bellnor build a new kingdom and his hope is that when he returns with his people to his kingdom the rats will be gone.

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