By Mykela



  • Kirsta’s mate
  • Bright red dragon
  • Breathes fire

When Mi’atsha first arrives in Daliium, Kir’sta flies her places, but once Kir’sta is hurt in a battle, Gal takes over.

During the hatching contest, Mi’atsha hatches Kir’sta’s and Gal’s twins and Gal is glad to know his children.  Although children are guessed, they are not usually outright stated, because the dragons form a community, and the children are children of all the dragons and not just the children of their parents.

In Daliium, Durst is the lead dragon and Gal is second.  However, where Mi’atsha is concerned Gal becomes a councilor to her almost immediately, and Gal and Hobbin readily volunteer to fly an egg to Queen Zash’hura to exchange for Queen Nar’liinje’s daughter Jaaliin.

Gal flies Mi’atsha many places and knows some about Mi’atsha’s business.  Sometimes he questions, but he never pushes.  While he does know some things Kir’sta knows that he ignores other information, like Mi’atsha has a pouch of scales and quite possibly Mi’atsha has relationships with other dragons in other kingdoms.

At one point, Prince Jaarul doesn’t respect Mi’atsha as queen and doesn’t heed her request.  At this point Gal steps in and protects Mi’atsha.

Gal also helps Mi’atsha locate some guardians for her students.  As he helps her, he says his own spells to learn what Mi’atsha is looking for.  This helps him determine a guardian later when he retrieves an apprentice.

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