By Mykela



Bylom are tall and very thin people.  Their bodies are short, but their arms and legs are twice as long as a normal person.  Their necks are only as big around as a man’s wrist and their skin is a dusty grey color.

The bylom are very peaceful and help with planting and harvesting and in healing.  At the start of the story, they are just legend and are known for the fields they used to tend.  It is said that fields tended by bylom have the sweetest fruits and the most bountiful harvests.

The bylom are first introduced when Mi’atsha reveals that they’ve helped her with her fields, and she asks them for help harvesting crops.

The bylom and Mi’atsha have had a close relationship since she was very young, and they are part of the reason Mi’atsha didn’t want soldiers left at the farm to help her with planting and harvesting.

The bylom hid themselves from mankind, until Mi’atsha was strong enough to face her enemies in the war for balance.  The bylom then come out before the people as a symbol of hope and balance to come or a symbol that a balance is possible.

Mi’atsha knows the bylom have no hidden agenda and they want what is best for all peoples, so Mi’atsha takes council from the bylom, as well as from Kessle, and the liggims, and she has taken council from them for as long as she can remember.

When war was at its worst no one ever saw the bylom, and after the last war the bylom did not return, so the people thought the bylom were dead and a balance would never be seen again, but in book two they came out again, and not just one or two but at least one hundred, and that built up hope in the people’s hearts.

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