By Mykela

Mi’atsha Guinevere Farmer


Before the story, Mi’atsha started learning and practicing magic (according to her mother) at birth.  Shortly after Mi’atsha was born, Kessle arrived on the Farmer’s doorstep, and Kessle brought a kitten with her.

When Mi’atsha was two she magically built her citadel and took her two-year’s test, and before that she took over the planting.  In the early years, her father would plow the fields, but she crawled in the dirt and planted the seeds and tended the crops even from eight months of age.  King Dunhurst felt sorry for the baby, but the mother said Kessle wouldn’t let her bring her baby in out of the field, so he sent Commander Baasfleur out to the farm as often as he could spare him.  Baasfleur wasn’t able to do much, but Kessle let him divide the seeds into smaller bags and distribute them through the field.  Also, Baasfleur brought several water sacks and had Mi’atsha drinking water.

Mi’atsha’s mother died when she was seven years old.  Before her mother’s death, the mother didn’t let people around Mi’atsha, and after her death, the father told everyone that Mi’atsha was a strange child, but to leave her alone and she would do her chores.  In fact, the father’s instructions to Mi’atsha when the mother died was that she shouldn’t mourn; the mother wouldn’t want her to.  The father told Mi’atsha that the mother wanted her to continue working and even taking over some of the mother’s jobs, like going to the kingdom to procure things.

Mi’atsha went to Sōchum Kingdom to buy things and Sōchum Kingdom was closer, although the farm belonged to Daliium Kingdom. The reason Mi’atsha went to Sōchum Kingdom was because she knew that the feelings, she received from Daliium Kingdom was that betrayal was easy to brew there.

Mi’atsha is first introduced in the story as Mister Farmer’s daughter.  When King Dunhurst and a small group of soldiers are riding through the farm to Sōchum Kingdom, Mi’atsha is in the corn.  Prince Jaarul hopes to get more than a glimpse of her, but that is all he gets on this visit.

When King Dunhurst heads back to his kingdom, he intends on escorting Mi’atsha to his son’s celebration.  Mi’atsha doesn’t want to go and starts seeing visions of history where witches were mobbed by the kingdom people.  She reasons with herself that the people won’t mob her on the prince’s birthday, but she still tries to get out of going, including a simple spell where she magically moves the ink on the page that lists her name as an attendee, so when she gets to the table the guard cannot find her name.  Mi’atsha is instantly happy that her small spell worked, but the guard wouldn’t let her leave and King Dunhurst just wrote her name once again at the bottom of the page.

Once Mi’atsha enters the castle, she learns that a witch lives there and her fear tremendously increases, but as she stays for the competition, she realizes that Queen Nar’liin is not a witch for her to fear.

Mi’atsha’s powers are gradually shown throughout the story, as the people’s hope is restored.  Also, Mi’atsha is able to start gaining students once she is in the competition and gaining students becomes the main reason she stays.

In the beginning of the story, Mi’atsha tries not to show much of her power, but at the same time she is angered by how little respect she is given.  As the story progresses and more power is shown, the kings realize how ill they treated this new witch and their strongest potential ally.

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