By Mykela

Savi’ta (Savi’tal Na’an) Smith


Savita’s last name is Smith, and in this day and time, last name generally tells the male’s trade.  Of course, Smith could be blacksmith, gold smith, or many other types of forging.  Savita’s father tends the mines and usually harvests metal and sometimes gems from there.

As Savita grew up, she spent as much time in her father’s work hut as she did in the home with her mother and is therefore close to both of her parents.  At one point in the story, she goes home during the contest to visit her parents and see her new baby brother.

Savita is how the story introduces this character.  As Prince Jaarul is choosing contestants, he chooses her before he dances with and chooses Mi’atsha.

Savita is also part of the group that consoles Mi’atsha after Mi’atsha reads King Dunhurst’s journal.  This smaller group of six girls all become Mi’atsha’s students, and Savita’s witch name becomes Savi’tal Na’an.

During the contest of hatching, Mi’atsha tells another contestant, Gracie, that an egg really likes Gracie, so Savita asks Mi’atsha if any eggs like her.  Savita trusts Mi’atsha and touches the egg Mi’atsha indicates, and though Savita doesn’t know it, the trust was an initial test for Savita.

Shortly after hatching Savita notices Mi’atsha’s anger, and then she helps Maria hatch an egg.  Helping Maria was an assignment and unbeknownst to Savita carrying out the assignment marks her as a student for Mi’atsha.

Savi’tal’s first task as a witch sets off a chain of events.  The task is to barter on Mi’atsha’s behalf with her father for some jade.  That tasks leads to her father wanting a diamond which happens to be cursed and it leads to Savi’tal learning how to look at history.  Later in the story, Savi’tal is sought out for the history she can provide.

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