By Mykela



Kialome is an egg in the reject area when the story first introduces her.  Mi’atsha had decided against hatching her, but Kialome burst forth from her shell.  Kialome is an extra small bright green upright dragon, and she is very active.  After she hatches, she runs around the chamber in the dragon caverns many times, and she jumps up into Mi’atsha’s arms and then scrambles down.

Shortly afterwards, Mi’atsha hatches Clara, and tells Kialome that Clara is Nana, and Clara tries to find ways for little Kialome to spend her abundance of energy.

Later in the story, Kialome is described as an insectivore and she helps Mi’atsha remove bad bugs and worms from the crops, and this occurs after Mi’atsha finds a potion to calm the little dragon down some.  Kialome loves eating bugs and worms and helps remove them from the crops, but people or dragons have to send her home when her belly starts to bulge.

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