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Kessle is a silver wolf.  She has a large frame with silky hair; one blue eye and one brown.  She has a silver stripe of hair down her nose and along her back and a patch of silver hair in the front on her chest.  Pure black fur outlines the silver in all places; the black is a thin line.  The rest of Kessle’s coat is silver and black mix, including most of the tail and legs. The tip of the tail and the paws are silver.

Kessle has a higher purpose than just being a pet, since she is a guardian of Mi’atsha.  Guardians have special jobs in relation to the witch they bond with.  A guardian is the eyes and ears of a witch.  The guardian is counselor, conscience, guide, friend, and many other things.  The term guardian is a little misleading, because while Kessel will protect Mi’atsha, protecting and ‘guarding’ Mi’atsha are not her primary functions.  Most importantly, a guardian is an advisor to the witch, and witches usually pick their guardians based on the advice they initially receive and how much they agree with that advice.

However, Kessle picked Mi’atsha by showing up on the doorstep of the farmhouse where Mi’atsha was born a few days after Mi’atsha’s birth.  Because Kessle knew Mi’atsha’s importance—she knew Mi’atsha gained some of Guinevere’s magic at birth, she has ‘watched over’ Mi’atsha and advised her since she arrived.  She knew Mi’atsha was the witch of the prophecies, and she would do everything she could to help Mi’atsha fulfill the prophecies.

Kessle is seen as a silver wolf throughout books one and two.  There is actually a whole ‘pack’ of silver wolves that she is a part of.    In book three you will learn some important things about Kessle and her pack, including the pack’s true form, but Kessle keeps the silver wolf form throughout most of the books.

The story introduces Kessle when King Dunhurst, his son Prince Jaarul, and several soldiers are riding towards Mi’atsha’s farm on their way to Sōchum.  Kessle warns Mi’atsha of their impending arrival.  Up to this point Mi’atsha has concealed her witching as much as possible and watches what she does around people, so she is glad Kessle warned her.

As Mi’atsha’s guardian, Kessle watches over other people or animals that are important to Mi’atsha’s end goal of bringing back a balance.  Sometimes that is Mi’at, Mi’atsha’s kitten, who has a special purpose.  Sometimes that is Jaaliin, Queen Nar’liin’s daughter, who is very sick and weak.  But even as she watches over these others, Kessle is always alert to what is happening around Mi’atsha and will rush to Mi’atsha’s aid when needed.

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