By Mykela



Kentaal is a soldier for King Sraal Dunhurst in the Kingdom Daliium.  He is first introduced in the story as he is escorting Mi’atsha out of the castle after her dance with Prince Jaarul.  Mi’atsha did not show him that she received a handkerchief, so he was going to escort her to her uncle’s home.  Queen Nar’liin stops him and pulls the handkerchief out from Mi’atsha’s sleeve, and she comments, “You have to watch this one or she’ll just slip away.”  Kentaal reminds the queen of a time when she had to slip away.

In book two, it tells of that time when the queen had to slip away and Kentaal was there to protect her until she was free and clear, and a comment from King Dunhurst to his son was that while he couldn’t watch over his wife and daughter himself, he did assign one of his best guards to watch over her until she was clear.

Also, in book two, the story shows Kentaal has good tracking abilities as well as good scouting abilities, and shortly afterward the story confirms that Kentaal is Mi’atsha’s second pick for her own soldiers.

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