By Mykela



The story first introduces the soldier, Keiman, as King Dunhurst and a group of soldiers are riding north through the woods to Mi’atsha’s farm. King Dunhurst hears a noise a second time and feels he is more rattled from the recent news than an actual noise, but Keiman states that he spotted four or five wolves in the underbrush, and he reminds King Dunhurst that he told the soldiers to leave them alone.  King Dunhurst is thankful for this conformation of the noise.

The next time you see this soldier, he is helping Mi’atsha dismount after the parade, and he is consoling her.  He tells her that people talk, and you can’t please all the people all the time.  He also indicates that he knows that Mi’atsha is a witch.

The story speaks of this soldier one other time, but his interactions with Mi’atsha at the beginning were an important part of welcoming Mi’atsha to the kingdom.

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