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Kaws is Nar’liinje’s guardian.  Queen Nar’liin sometimes uses Kaws to send messages to allies, but sometimes she keeps Kaws with her and sends the message with dragons.

In the start of the story when Mi’atsha sees Kaws, her nervousness goes up because she knows without a doubt that Nar’liinje is a witch and shortly after Mi’atsha states that crow versus raven isn’t a solid argument.  The prevalent wives’ tales during these times which mimics the current thought is that only white witches have crows and only black witches have ravens.  The birds look very similar, and it takes a discerning eye to tell them apart, but Mi’atsha is stating that a black witch could have a crow just as a white witch could have a raven.  Later as the story progresses, the story tells how witches find or chose guardians.  Sometimes a teacher will find a guardian for her student, but sometimes the witch finds her own guardian and the advice normally given is to only pick a guardian that she agrees with.  If the witch agrees with the guardian, then she can get advice on many things.  If she doesn’t agree, then she may start doubting herself and eventually start thinking as the guardian does.

All crows don’t all think like white witches, nor do all ravens think like black witches.  That is pure myth, and Mi’atsha understands the birds and knows what they say and thus how they think.  Only in the story when Mi’atsha makes her comment, Kaws hadn’t said anything in her hearing yet, and Mi’atsha isn’t going to judge Nar’liinje to be a white witch based on this myth.

When Zel’viina comes to Daliium, the people see Kaws and Kaan together in high windows and in plain sight.  Mi’atsha wonders how anyone could not know that Nar’liinje and Zel’viina are witches, but she makes statements to make the birds seem like ordinary pets to protect the lower witches around herself.

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