By Mykela

Javin Farmer


Javin lived and worked at one of the southern farms.  At the beginning of the story there is a fire at the southern farm and King Dunhurst assumes his soldiers helped contain it and repaired what damage they could.  He didn’t know the family died in the fire and he didn’t realize that the messenger reported to him and not the soldiers.

Later in the story when Uncle Farmer (Mi’atsha’s uncle) finds the boy, Uncle Farmer requests that the boy be added to his house.  King Dunhurst and his soldiers recognize Javin but can’t quite place him, and it isn’t until much later that King Dunhurst realizes that no one is at the southern farm.

Javin doesn’t care too much about helping Uncle Farmer and he is seen out before curfew is lifted.  In this scene, Javin feels that there is much injustice against him since he is doing chores for Lailey, who is in the competition.

Later Javin leaves Daliium with Dallia and two other girls and they go to Queen Zash’hura to give her information on Mi’atsha, and from Queen Zash’hura Javin learns that boys can learn magic.

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