By Mykela

Prince Jaarul Dunhurst


Prince Jaarul grew up in an age of peace. His father, King Sraal Dunhurst had grown lax in his worry about enemies, but not lax in duties.  King Dunhurst still did rounds and still trained his soldiers.

Prince Jaarul had never seen or known war; he had only known peace, so he didn’t really understand why his father did all the duties he did.  His father explained to him that part of it was to ensure that the kingdom ran smoothly.

Prince Jaarul spent time with his tutors, and time training, and time with his father doing rounds.  The rounds he enjoyed the most were when King Dunhurst personally went to check on his farms and he brought Prince Jaarul with him.  The kingdom had three farms, but they checked on the north one more often since it was also on the way to an ally kingdom, Sōchum, and other soldiers checked the southern farms more frequently.

Prince Jaarul was intrigued with the farmer’s daughter at the northern farm.  He did not know she was a witch; he would learn that at his birthday celebration.  But she would blush when he spied on her in the corn, and she would hide from him.  He thought of it as a game; something he really didn’t get to do much in the castle in the kingdom.  He was also very curious as to why the farmer’s daughter, Mi’atsha, did some of the things she did while she was farming, like take corn husks and tie them around a corn stalk.  He heard her talk to her wolf about what the trees or birds ‘said’ and wished he could be so free to live outside the kingdom and play such games as talking to trees all day every day.  Moreover, to have a silver wolf as a pet was beyond awesome!

Needless to say, Prince Jaarul was as much in love with Mi’atsha’s ‘free’ lifestyle as he was with Mi’atsha.  He didn’t see farming in the sun all day as work, because he had never done such work.  He just saw her living in a garden; she could eat whenever she wanted because the food was right there.

Though Prince Jaarul watched Mi’atsha he was never able to get too close to her, so they never shared a conversation and never knew each other.

In the story, Prince Jaarul is introduced on an occasion where his father is riding to Sōchum to speak with their ally, King Balvantz.  They plan to stop at the northern farm on the way.  Prince Jaarul hopes to ‘play’ with Mi’atsha as he has in the past, so his mind is on that and not on the girls in the kingdom lined up at their fences vying for his attention.

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