By Mykela



Ho’sha is first introduced in the story as an egg.  Mi’atsha says, “That dark brown one.”  At this point, no one knows which egg Mi’atsha is indicating, but the dragon’s loyalty is discussed.  As the discussion goes deeper, the rest realize that the adolescent dragon will also be a witch.

Mi’atsha doesn’t want too much exposure as a witch and hatching dragons shows her power, so at one-point in Mi’atsha’s fear or anger, she thinks to hatch Ho’sha.  The dragons prevent it, so Mi’atsha shows future concerning the dragon.  Mi’atsha shows the future several times with different variations and finally King Dunhurst stops her.  As King Dunhurst is trying to process the scenes he has seen, Mi’atsha thinks of an option she didn’t show in the future scenes.

It is then decided that with the brown dragon’s potential to betray, it would be better to trade the dragonwitch for Queen Nar’liin’s daughter, and that is arranged.

However, since the dragon had called Mi’atsha’s name, Mi’atsha feels responsible for the dragon and tries to check on her several times throughout the story.

In book two, Ho’sha challenges Mi’atsha and Mi’atsha’s methods.  They ‘argue’ more than fight and then Ho’sha does betray Queen Zash’hura’s trust by joining Queen Mi’atsha’s side.  However, the betrayal is not like what was seen in the future shown, because the choice of Queen Zash’hura hatching Ho’sha was not shown.

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