By Mykela



Hobbin is a jet-black dragon from Daliium.  He is first introduced in the story when Mi’atsha is asking the dragons which dragon Allia should ride.  Hobbin is described as a mild dragon that would be a steady ride for Allia.  Shortly afterwards he flies fast and strong to return Allia to the castle.

During Mi’atsha’s hatching of dragons, Mi’atsha hatches Hobbin’s son and he is overjoyed, because he heard his son calling Mi’atsha’s name and he is glad Mi’atsha chose his son as well.

When Mi’atsha is flying a dragon egg to the enemy, Hobbin is one of the dragons helping, and Hobbin is seen several times flying Mi’atsha or her students to the citadel or the fields, or wherever Mi’atsha needs them to go and Hobbin is happy to do his part.

Later in the story it is revealed that before the story started Mi’atsha had hatched Hobbin’s daughter, Helma.  Mi’atsha was given Helma to hatch because she had given Hobbin a potion to help his mate get well and live longer.  Hobbin’s mate lived another five years.

Early in book two, Hobbin comments that he likes his color and Mi’atsha teases him saying that he is super sensitive, and any other color would be better for him.

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