By Mykela



Haaseur is a typical soldier for Daliium Kingdom.  The story first introduces him as the soldier that is checking off names of attendees and he just so happens to be at the table where Mi’atsha is directed to go.

Every soldier knows of Mi’atsha, the Farmer’s daughter, and they know the rumors that she is strange.  They also know about Kessle, her wolf, and not to hurt Kessle.  Moreover, they know that Prince Jaarul favors this girl, so when a girl with a wolf approaches his table, Haaseur knows she is supposed to come to the party.

When Mi’atsha gives her name and it’s not on the list Haaseur immediately knows there is a problem and he quickly tells Mi’atsha the problem is on their side, not Mi’atsha’s.  He stands to notify someone of the problem.

King Dunhurst immediately knew there was a problem and headed over.  King Dunhurst assumed Mi’atsha didn’t give the correct name for herself, but learned the name wasn’t on the list.  King Dunhurst quickly solves this perplexing problem and Prince Jaarul escorts Mi’atsha inside.

Haaseur appears again in book three and he is the soldier that takes over for Commander Baasfleur as Commander Baasfleur leaves Daliium and becomes a soldier for Queen Mi’atsha.  King Dunhurst didn’t think that anyone could know his mind as well as Commander Baasfleur, but Haaseur starts doing tasks just before King Dunhurst asks things of him, so King Dunhurst knows he has found a good replacement.

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