By Mykela



Not only is Gromly a tailor for the royal family, but he is also their best tailor.  All the tailors started making a dress after the dances finished, and all the dresses will be nicer than what the kingdom girls normally wear.  The dresses are for the parade which is where the castle gets to show off all the girls in the contest.

In the story, Gromly is assigned to make a dress and corset for the girl that receives the silk handkerchief while other tailors were just assigned as regular handkerchiefs were handed out.  The silk handkerchief is a sign to everyone in the castle that Prince Jaarul favors the girl who receives it.  Even though Mi’atsha quickly stuffs the handkerchief up her sleeve, Gromly glimpsed that it came from Prince Jaarul’s special pocket, and he knows this girl will most likely be the future queen.

Gromly has heard Prince Jaarul speak of the Mi’atsha, the farm girl, for a long time, so he knows the favor is very strong, so the dress must be very special.  He has also heard of her wolf, and he like many servants feel Mi’atsha is a witch.

Gromly doesn’t understand why Mi’atsha is protesting so much, when he is doing his best to make an outstanding dress for the most likely future queen, but at this point in the story, Mi’atsha greatly fears exposure and wants a dress that is closer to what the other girls will get.  Mi’atsha isn’t aware of the favor from Prince Jaarul and doesn’t understand why her dress is that much nicer than the other girls.

After Mi’atsha speaks to Queen Nar’liin in the Dunhurst royal house speech, Gromly starts another dress, but he still makes Mi’atsha’s dress for the parade the nicest dress of all the girls.

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