By Mykela



  • Allia’s first hatchling
  • Blue adolescent dragon with a pale lime green underbelly
  • Sister of Greerrock

Glassola’s egg is huge compared to the baby eggs and Glassola is born as an adolescent.  However, when Allia is hatching Glassola, she is looking more at the size of the adult dragons around her and she comments that the dragon must be cramped up in the ‘small’ shell.

Glassola declares that she is not a baby and that her name is Glassola as she bursts forth from her shell.  Glassola isn’t as big as the adults, but she is much bigger that a baby.

After some of the other girls hatch some dragons, Glassola speaks to Allia in dragon and tells her to hatch another egg, but Allia doesn’t speak dragon.  Mi’atsha tells Allia the words to the spell to understand and this reminds Allia of the words to see.  After Allia understands her dragon, she turns to the egg and sees the baby inside.  Mi’atsha already told Allia that the egg of interest was Glassola’s baby brother and Allia exclaims that the brother is blue where the sister is green, and green where she is blue.

Glassola isn’t seen much in the story, but after she learns to fly, she is always ready to fly Alli’a(n) wherever Alli’a(n) needs to go.

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