By Mykela

Fi’alome (Fi’a)


  • Wife of Prince Fallin
  • Student of Ve’laaria

During Fialome’s witch naming her name was actually shortened and so far in her witching she hasn’t gained back her full name, so among the witches she is just Fi’a.

Fi’alome convinces Prince Fallin Kurst to marry her.  The marriage is actually a ruse unbeknownst to Prince Fallin, and Fi’alome uses this ruse to spy on Queen Ve’laaria’s enemies as well as get the luxuries of a princess.

Fi’alome is quite upset when she isn’t given the same luxuries in Daliium and the people there do not meet her demands.  However, her husband Prince Fallin recognizes the formality of things and doesn’t push or let Fi’alome push for more.

Mi’atsha doesn’t care to meet Fi’a because she doesn’t think the witch is significant enough to waste her time, but King Dunhurst has already underestimated Queen Zash’hura and he cautions Mi’atsha not to underestimate Fi’a.  In fact, King Dunhurst decides to hold a ceremony so Mi’atsha can meet Fi’a.

During the ceremony, Mi’atsha is infuriated because Fi’a doesn’t uphold witch protocol, and Mi’atsha calls Fi’a out on it.  Fi’a, of course, argues that Mi’atsha isn’t in witch attire, so what does she know about witches.

After Fi’alome and Fallin are escorted out of Daliium, they head to Queen Zash’hura and Fi’alome wants to join her, but Queen Zash’hura tells her to be a spy for her and to spy on Queen Ve’laaria.  Queen Zash’hura then sends her away.

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