By Mykela

Prince Fallin Kurst


  • Son of King Vallin Kurst
  • Prince of Kingdom Teffel
  • Husband of Fi’a(lome)

We learn about this character while eavesdropping on a conversation between Queen Zash’hura and Queen Ve’laaria.  While eavesdropping, King Dunhurst and Mi’atsha learn that Fallin has married one of Queen Ve’laaria’s witches and the marriage will enable the witch to spy on the allies.  No one is sure what Fallin and his wife Fialome learned while visiting the other kingdoms, because the other kings had been visiting Daliium and they had been planning, but King Dunhurst is careful not to show Fallin and his wife around the kingdom.

Since Fallin is presenting his wife, King Dunhurst arranges a ceremony for Prince Jaarul to also present the contestants.  During the ceremony Prince Fallin admits that he is no longer heir to his father’s kingdom because his father doesn’t approve of his wife.  King Dunhurst assures him that he will judge him on his own actions, which by the end of the ceremony King Dunhurst discovers a lie and Prince Fallin and his wife are escorted out of the kingdom the next morning.

Prince Fallin then finds himself at King Bellnor’s.  The two get along and later Fallin joins King Bellnor and his kingdom.

Later in book two, Mi’atsha asks King Kurst for the story about his son and asks if Fallin is really his son.  King Kurst admits that Fallin is not his son by blood, but he was the son of his first wife.  A reason King Kurst doesn’t approve of the marriage is that Fallin is only fourteen and his wife is older at sixteen.

At the end of book two Fallin comes against King Kurst.

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