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  • Dragon leader over Daliium’s dragons
  • Great grandfather of Dipher

Durst is a bronze dragon.  He is the leader of the clan of dragons allied with Daliium.  You meet him after Queen Nar’liin gives the girls instructions for their second contest.  The contest is to find certain herbs, but the girls have to convince a dragon to fly them to the area where the kingdom experts think the herbs are.  Dragons enjoy flying and enjoy the company of humans, so they are more than willing to fly the girls.

Mi’atsha paired up with Allia and in dragon she asks Durst which dragon would be the best dragon for Allia to ride.  Durst tells her Hobbin would be the best for Allia.  After a few minutes the dragons began speaking to Mi’atsha in Ling, which is the common language of the land.  This surprises the royal family because up to this point it is rare for a dragon to speak Ling and not speak in Dragon; however, the dragons didn’t want to stir mistrust between the royal family and Mi’atsha, so they speak Ling as a protection for Mi’atsha.

Durst is a wise, calm, and steady dragon.  Although, Dipher is the one that reads the book ‘Dunhimp and the Golden Beast’, and although Durst is a bronze dragon, Durst is the dragon that gives advice throughout the story.

‘Dunhimp and the Golden Beast’ is a story within the books of Mi’atsha and is referred to many times with different explanations.  One explanation is the beginning of dragons.  Another explanation is the relationship dragons are supposed to have with humans as their advisors.  Some feel that it is just a fairy tale.  At one point in the story when it is mentioned that Dipher is reading the story, King Dunhurst reflects on the fact that Durst, a bronze dragon, is there to advise him, and King Dunhurst is glad that Durst used magic to shrink himself down to enter the castle and participate in the battle plans.

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