By Mykela

Dallia Baker


Dallia Baker has dark brown hair and is one of the oldest among the contestants.   She is a lot like her mother in spreading gossip and ridiculing those around her.  She has no use for Mi’atsha, who is just a poor farm girl to her.  She can’t imagine why Prince practically drools over Mi’atsha.

Dallia can easily see her own beauty, and as her parents have more money and resources than others, she feels she is superior to the other contestants.

As she learns that Mi’atsha is a witch, she brags about how she has more points in the contest than Mi’atsha and surely if Mi’atsha were any good at witching she could have done better than she did.

However once Dallia consults with Zelma, who is a woman in the kingdom that hates witches, and once they start discussing how to get rid of Mi’atsha, Mi’atsha lets the king know of the ‘poison’ Dallia is spreading.

Several times as Mi’atsha has to help handle issues for King Dunhurst and his allies, Dallia feels left out, so even though Prince Jaarul starts looking at her, her feud with Mi’atsha consumes her mind.  In book two, Dallia and two of her companions leave Daliium to go talk to Queen Zash’hura to see if Queen Zash’hura can help them rid themselves of Mi’atsha for good.

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