By Mykela

Clara (Clar'et Sajah)


Clara is an egg in the reject area when the story starts, and when Mi’atsha is hatching dragons, she hatches her.  Clara is a wingless dragon, and her white scales have speckles of pink, blue, and yellow.  Also, Clara has something not many dragons have: a pouch, which comes in handy many times.

Mi’atsha hatches Clara on the pretense of needing a nanny for another hatchling, but Clara has witch potential and she becomes Mi’atsha’s second student with her witch name becoming Clar’et Sajah.  As a witch, Mi’atsha teaches her a broom spell which enables her to fly.

Clar’et’s guardian is a goat that Mi’atsha picked for her.  As soon as Clar’et sees the goat, she has a vision of the future and also the goat tells her Mi’atsha’s fourth name.  At this point in the story, Mi’atsha claims not to understand the goat, but in book two the goat repeats the name and tells Clar’et fourth name.  The goat tells Clar’et that she wants her to have the name, but Clar’et doesn’t feel worthy of having one of Mi’atsha’s names.  This exchange between the goat and Clar’et shows the connection between a witch and her guardian and shows how they can advise on any aspect of the witch’s life.

With the broom spell Clar’et can fly, and she is able to shrink the goat to put the goat in her pouch when she needs the goat to remain with her.  Clar’et will load the goat down with herbs and supplies to handle the wounded from a battle.

Often times Clar’et will see glimpses of future and is able to help get dragons into place just as Mi’atsha needs them.  In book one, she first experiences a glimpse and meets Savi’tal at Savi’tal’s father’s hut and helps Savi’tal recover a book that belongs to the witching community.

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