By Mykela



Cartie is a girl in Daliium that becomes a contestant.  During the contest of hatching, Cartie is unable to hatch a dragon.  Because Cartie is very insecure she feels that even the baby dragons are rejecting her.  Another contestant, Savi’ta, wants Mi’atsha to help Cartie, but because Mi’atsha knows the significance of hatching and the relationship created between the person and the dragon hatched, Mi’atsha refuses to help Cartie.  Mi’atsha secretly hopes that Cartie will hatch the dragon that is calling Cartie’s name, and she hopes that if Cartie touches that egg it will give her more confidence.

In book two, Cartie does hatch a dragon on her own, and she wants him to fly her so she can warn Mi’atsha that Dallia is going to Queen Zash’hura to tell Queen Zash’hura Mi’atsha’s two names, Mi’atsha Guinevere.  Balst, the baby dragon is too young to fly Cartie, but Durst flies her to Queen Mi’atsha’s citadel for him.

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