By Mykela



Cackles is a raven, and he is also the guardian for Queen Zash’hura.  Many witches choose the guardian they have, and they choose them based on the advice they give and if the witch agrees with the advice.  Some witches don’t have a guardian.

Queen Zash’hura was only four years old when she found Cackles on the ground.  He had fallen from his nest.  When Queen Zash’hura found him, she was not yet a Queen, but she knew she had just found a best friend.  She brought him back to Daliium and wanted to show her friend there her new raven.

In these times, wives’ tales are abundant, and the wives’ tales say black witches have ravens as guardians while the white witches have crows.  Many people already suspected Zash’hura of being a witch even at the young age of four and once they saw the raven, they knew she was a black witch.

Cackles stays with Queen Zash’hura and does her bidding.  He is her eyes and ears.  Cackles and Queen Zash’hura have a magical connection that allows Queen Zash’hura to see what is around Cackles even when he is flying far away from her.  Queen Zash’hura can use Cackles in this way to spy on enemies or even watch her allies.

In book two, Cackles relishes doing a request from the black Queen and that request shows the depth of evil to which Queen Zash’hura will sink.

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