By Mykela

Bes’nish (Bes’nisha)


Bes’nish is a black dragon, and she is a witch.  Her name among non-witches is Bes’nish and among the witches she is Bes’nisha.

Book one introduces Bes’nish as a sleeping dragon who needs to be awakened.  Although Mi’atsha performs the waking spell, she has Alli’an say the spell and creates a ruse that Alli’an is the one owed for the favor of waking thereby delaying the favor Bes’nisha needs to repay, and Mi’atsha doesn’t name the favor or task for Bes’nisha until book four.

Shortly after the spell awakens Bes’nisha, she readily joins a battle of dragons against dragoncreatures.  Dragoncreatures are unnatural creatures that Ve’laaria has created using nature and magic.  Although Bes’nish is a fierce warrior, she knows they need Mi’atsha’s magic to help her and Kirsta in the battle at least until the soldiers arrive and she says this to Mi’atsha.

Later Bes’nish joins the dragons in Daliium and afterwards Marlow arrives with Chetlea.  Marlow is Bes’nisha’s friend, and he was supposed to cast the waking spell without a favor owed, and Chetlea is red breasted robin who is Bes’nisha’s guardian.

Early in the story, Bes’nish sees the dragons of Daliium advise and press Mi’atsha to do certain things, including to hatch more dragons.  While Bes’nish sees this as unusual from the perspective of witches, she knows the story of ‘Dunhimp and the Golden Beast’ and also starts advising Mi’atsha from that perspective.  Bes’nish often alters her form so she can navigate the castle to get to Mi’atsha to give advice or to watch Mi’atsha’s magic.

In book one, Bes’nisha becomes a teacher to Kir’stal and to her daughter Ba’illa.  Since she is more concerned with learning herself, she often neglects teaching them, but the story sees Kir’stal following her teacher’s lead many times.

In book two, many witches have tests to take and during Bes’nisha’s test she relives a horrible part of her past in which she is consumed with the revenge she wanted before she went to sleep.  She never got her revenge in life, and in the test, she has to relive the horrible part again and again, until she realizes that she wasted a lot of time seeking revenge and if Queen Ve’laaria had been able to wake her instead of Queen Mi’atsha she may have become a black witch without realizing it.  Even though she passes her test, revenge stays buried in her heart and prevents her from grieving her loss, but Bes’nish keeps her feelings buried until book four.

Near the end of book two, Mi’atsha has an important question, and lets Bes’nisha read her.  Bes’nisha of course gives an answer, but it is not what Mi’atsha wanted to hear or read; however, that is why Mi’atsha asked Bes’nisha because she wanted an honest answer.  Not only did Mi’atsha want an honest answer, but she wanted anything available in dragon history through the dragon links that she knew Bes’nisha would access.

Bes’nish has a daughter, who is among the dragons in Daliium, but Bes’nish’s mate is dead, so when she gives Baa’mith a ride home in book two she meets her new mate.  Her new mate and her daughter try to help her in book four when Queen Mi’atsha names Bes’nisha’s task for repayment of awakening her.  Up to this point in the story, Bes’nisha has been a lot of help for Mi’atsha, especially in the battles, and Mi’atsha’s request for repayment is Mi’atsha’s way to ensure that Bes’nisha is performing at her best in the final battle and that nothing will stand in the way of Bes’nisha being the warrior and witch that Mi’atsha needs her to be.

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