By Mykela



Bantin was born among the soldiers, in the soldier’s barracks where he lived with his father, his mother and his younger sister.  He trained to be a soldier from a very early age and accompanied his father on all his father’s duties.  His father is Commander Baasfleur.

Bantin is first introduced in the story during an emergency.  Commander Baasfleur sent him in to fetch Mi’atsha to help with wild boars.  Near the end of book one, Mi’atsha asks Baasfleur, “spare me your son”.  Baasfleur is honored as his son becomes the first soldier that Mi’atsha takes as her own; although because he is so young, he isn’t seen as a full soldier yet, and King Dunhurst only thinks Mi’atsha is borrowing the help of Bantin.  King Dunhurst won’t realize for a while the significance of Mi’atsha claiming soldiers for her own.

In book two, Bantin’s and Alli’an’s attraction towards each other is shone slightly, but both are still very dedicated to their duties.  Bantin has duties to work beside his father for King Dunhurst and to help Mi’atsha when and where he can.  He pays attention to one of Mi’atsha’s plans and helps her by volunteering to bring in a rat for Mi’atsha to use.  The plan involved rats and Mi’atsha was looking for a tonal range for them.  When Bantin started to volunteer, he was very self-conscious but gave his idea and Mi’atsha used his suggestion.  Later in book four Mi’atsha requests something special and Bantin readily complies.

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